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Fate of the World game

Many professors from leading universities in California proposed a new teaching method in the middle of the last century, which could lead to a multiplication of educational efficiencies and a multiplication of learning content in the future.

This method is called gamification. In its essence, the concept of conveying knowledge and skills in a game format lies, which leads us to the level of rejection of learning and the stress from it becoming much smaller, which so often occurs in ordinary education.

People can play and learn at the same time, and it won’t disgust them.

It’s just a game that doesn’t make you worry about anything,” said the developers.

The Fate of the World is a typical example of well-developed gamification in promoting environmental awareness.

Authoritative development team

The gameplay of this amazing project involves several different game scenarios that may affect life on Earth in the future. The storylines cover up to two centuries of human civilization development from now on.

Whatever scenario the user chooses, future events will show him either an environmental disaster, the disappearance of dozens of animal species, widespread famine in developing countries, or a new and renewed global love and well-being.

The development team is what forces us to put aside all doubts about the quality of this project.

Miles Allen is the scientist who designed the scientific model of human development. That’s what this project is all about. The forecasts and scenarios were based on in-depth analysis and processing of dozens of scientific studies on ecology, problems of overpopulation and supply of human food, creation of artificial foods, and the prospects for the practical implementation of nanotechnology and hydrogen energy innovations.

The team created this amazing project, which developed the cult game «Red Redemption».

So among the authors of this game are:

  • The director of the project — Claude Thomas, producer of Battlestations: Midway game.
  • David Bishop wrote the plot, and was the writer of the film «Doctor Who».
  • Composer Richard Jacques, who participated in composing the soundtracks for «Mass Effect» and «Alice in Wonderland».
  • Matthew Miles Griffith became a designer who participated in such games as «Conflict: Desert Storm» and «Battlestations: Midway».

The Fate of the World is a game that received Index: Design Awards in 2011.

It was that year that this project was added to the list of ten best socially-oriented games.

Fate of the World
Fate of the World


The rate of population growth on the planet has accelerated significantly in the last half-century. Experts have very strong doubts about the credibility of the data that China and India share with us. They believe that the leadership of these States can either underestimate or overestimate the number of inhabitants for political purposes.

Each user will be able to select any of the twelve global regions that have the specific population, energy and environmental problems.

Among them are the following:

  • China, India, North and South Africa.
  • Europe, Japan, North America.
  • Oceania, South America.
  • Middle East, South-East Asia.

Each gamer will be able to deal with a completely different set of problems depending on which political region it has chosen.

For example, in European countries, its main mission is to provide energy to the population, switch to renewable energy and waste management. In India and China, pollution is controlled by hazardous industries. In Brazil, the user will have to monitor the even distribution of rare animals and the conservation of their populations.

But the main challenge for any in-game region is to save the planet from unreasonable human behaviour. Mindless, uncontrolled consumption is already threatening us with the depletion of natural resources and global warming in the coming years.

We believe that the creators of Fate of the World were so concerned with scientific issues that it led to the technical Bahamas that interfered with the proper operation of users’ computer equipment. The publisher had to purchase new video cards from affected users.

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