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Best action games for PC

Action is one of the most popular gaming genres, and it is suitable only for those gamers who have such qualities as maximum concentration, quick reaction, and the ability to react quickly to changes in the gameplay. If the game satisfies these qualities, it may be in the action genre. In addition, each user wants to download the best action game for the PC, however, he can find difficulties there. The point is, every game has its peculiarities. Among the first games that today have a real cult status, there are such ones as Pac-Man, Space Invaders, Battlezone or Asteroids are classic arcades.

However, years have passed and the world has changed, and new games have appeared with more interesting stories and quality graphics, so these options may not be on the list of best action games for a PC. However, they are worth remembering. This genre is very popular with many gamers, and the reason is that gameplay will always be different even within the same game.

List of the best action games for PC

  1. Grand Theft Auto. This game has everything a gamer would like to see in such a project. It’s chases, fights, explosions, and shootouts. The fifth part of this project is the most popular now in which the developers implemented all the gamers’ wishes that they had published during previous parts of this huge and exciting game. However, you should not forget the old GTA. Among them is GTA IV, which will be distinguished as an excellent action game.
  2. Assassin’s Creed is a game that describes the confrontation between the Knights Templar and the Assassin in different eras. It has spectacular fights, fascinating history, parkour and many other things that make this project so popular. Today, the developers offer several episodes and especially the second part, which delights gamers with an amazing atmosphere and pirated romance. This is why the list of best action PC games would be incomplete without such games as Unity with its excellent graphics, Odyssey and Origins with its huge number of innovations that make the gameplay even more exciting and interesting.
  3. Tomb Raider is a series of games considered to be among the best and most successful of the genre. The game is still very popular with gamers and it keeps their senses alive because of their great heritage. During the game, you will need to perform various missions that will help you achieve your goals if they are successful. The main character and the spectacular adventures of this game make it so popular. The series of games will delight you with its variety. Among them is a trilogy from 2006 and 2013.

    Tomb Raider
  4. Batman is also one of the best games of the genre. Arkham Asylum by Rocksteady found fans almost immediately. This project became even more popular after the release of subsequent parts. In this game, there are lots of fights, not only with the bandits but also their bosses. They are very exciting and fascinating and will certainly appeal to fans of origin games of this series. Here, stories can have different directions that each gamer will build independently. Besides, it will show you the most exciting flights. In short, you can stop without hesitation if you plan to start a new action game.

Among other games in the genre, there are such good games as Call of Duty, Devil May Cry, Dishonored, Cuphead, Mortal Combat and Resident Evil. These games are worth your attention, and you can install them on your computer and then, you get a lot of positive experiences from the gameplay. This list can be continued, and new projects appear regularly, which can please you with bright scripts, exciting stories and dynamic gameplay.

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