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Best drifting games

The races became popular long before the computer, and after that began to appear games that began to grow in popularity regularly. This genre has always had a large army of connoisseurs, and today it is going through a new stage of revival because modern graphics allows it to do this. You can choose from a large number of projects, however, it is not surprising that each user wants to play the best one.

Almost all modern games in this direction are as realistic as possible, and in them, single races and group competitions are held in which the world’s famous riders take part via their sports cars.

Best drifting games that are much popular

Drift Videogame is a Russian project that is in almost all the best lists that describe the game’s drift. Gameplay is held online and allows gamers to participate in fair competition. In developing this project, the creators of this game paid attention to features such as:

  1. The sound effects and colour.
  2. Realistic visual graphics.
  3. Methods and implementations of process management.
  4. Support for all types of handlebars and VR helmets.

In Drift Physics, developers created drift in the most responsible way possible. We’ll probably have a lot of fun driving a race car.

Peak Angle: Drift Online is another project that focuses on online competition. There are many traits that modern gamers like. This game is on the Best Ones list because of its versatility and its many features. Among its strengths, there are:

  • maximum development of the schedule;
  • broad dynamics;
  • convenient tuning system;
  • simplicity and convenience of gameplay;
  • the realism of the process.

You can pick a car to race to your liking and modify it later. You can take part in races of any level in which the world’s famous riders will be your rivals.

Peak Angle: Drift Online

Inertial Drift is a 1990’s style project, and its features will surely remind you of that era. The developers created a unique atmosphere, and this game can outshine many modern games in this direction. That’s why it’s on our list of best drift games for PCs. Among the strengths, there are:

  • the futuristic design of cars;
  • design with a predominantly red colour;
  • sensitivity of handling;
  • the widest possible dynamics;
  • a huge number of copies of cars that exist in the modern world.

This game has no analogues, so today, it is in the top drift of games and racing simulations. You can enjoy this game for a very long time because the developers made it to the smallest detail. You can also use the steering wheel or gamepad for a lot of pleasant experiences from this game.

FURIDASHI: Drift Cyber Sport is a realistic simulator that does not allow you to limit the gameplay in any way. In this game, you can train and drive yourself. Among its strengths, there are:

  • a realistic timetable;
  • actual existing tracks;
  • predicted behaviour of the vehicle;
  • a wide choice of vehicles;
  • connection with VR helmets, steering wheel, movable platform;
  • depending on the chosen weather conditions and time of day, the behaviour of the car will be different.

You can play this game in any modern format, such as TV and monitors. From the first minute, this game will fascinate you and you will not want to stop at all. That is reason why it’s so popular and relevant these days. However, you can choose other projects that are exciting and completely fascinating — they will also help you to get away from routine and feel like a hero.

We’ve described some of the best PC drift games, but there are many others that you will probably like. Absolute Drift is one of them. That’s why you won’t have trouble choosing a game if you want to race and drive.

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