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Collapse: A Political Simulator

We see politicians on television more often than regular musicians and actors. But more importantly, all politicians belong to the elite of society and, as a consequence, they have many advantages over ordinary citizens.

These are the very reasons why many people envy politicians and want to take their place in the legislative or executive branches of government under favourable circumstances.

However, life politics is not so fun and easy.

The Collapse: A Political Simulator computer game will help you make sure that the life of a big political figure is a real challenge. Through this game, you will feel what secrets it holds and how legislators and administrators determine the destiny of a country and millions of people.

How to become a politician

The backstory of Collapse: A Political Simulator game takes advantage of the events of the recent past, when the Empire’s government collapsed and it split into several Countries with a large share of sovereignty, which has become a touchstone for the Empire’s rulers, such as provincial officials.

However, statehood and sovereignty are just big words that we can only call in terms of publicity. In fact, the two rival superpowers have tremendous experience and skill in interfering in the internal affairs of less important States.

This is the reason why the country of residence of the main character of the game is called «Country», not «State».

The political system of the country called «Republic» is a corrupt democracy, surprisingly.

Collapse: A Political Simulator
Collapse: A Political Simulator

Youth and maturation of the protagonist passed in the «era of change», which Confucius named. It was a difficult time for the character, who helped him to become emotionally stable and developed his political intuition, the art of political intrigue, and also helped him learn to make useful connections and find The President of the Republic of Uzbekistan is the President of the Republic.

The Republic enjoys a high level of democracy. If it were the other way around, the superpowers would surely return it to the level of development of the Middle Ages, like Iraq and Afghanistan, which at times the gameplay sends us back there.

Collapse: A Political Simulator Gameplay will show you the struggle of the party for leadership in the power hierarchy of the country in which the main character of this game is included.

You have to:

  1. Choose the leader of the party as President.
  2. Top the governorship.
  3. Take over the officials.
  4. Make and lobby the laws you want.

The Republic has seven major parties, including a remnant of antiquity such as a communist one, which prevents young Democrats from doing their political affairs. Sometimes, it finds opponents and gets a chance to end the Red Communists who stand in the way of democracy.

Gameplay features

We can describe the main character’s achievements in moving up to the top of power through seven indicators, each of which directly influences a party that can either accelerate upward movement or slow down and downgrade its positions and ratings, and that is clearly not good for it.

Concern for administrative ratings, such as the treatment of the party by powerful groups as well as elites, big businesses, officials and ministers, and support for the people. The people in this game have a classification. Thus, among them it is usual, middle class and oligarchs, since the action of the plot takes place in a «young democracy and sovereign state», but not in one of the superpowers.

The superpowers, however, have a similar arrangement. The exception is that they have more resources in the form of financial and power capabilities.

The so-called «era of change» between the break-up of the Empire and the attempts of the young became a kind of background for the gameplay. However, the Republic, which bears its name proudly and honourably, can overcome difficulties and emerge from this troubling situation so no longer torn between Scylla and Charybdis of local internal separatism, corruption and the great game of the Superpowers.

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