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Masters of the World game

In 2013, a year before the outbreak of the last political crisis, Geopolitical Simulator, the third part of the strategy with a political tone was released. It had such a working name as Masters of the World.

This game was presented in two formats. In a single-player version, the character could deal with the internal affairs of the subordinate state.

The role of the hero is to:

  1. Develop the economy.
  2. To establish fair social relations in society.
  3. Lead the armed forces to modern standards.

However, the gamer has a wide range of future single-player actions as well. These include:

  1. Use ready-made template scenarios of state development.
  2. Start a draft, clean slate, and steal the country in their own way.

«Master» is a lexical unit that has more than one meaning. It also denotes a «high-class specialist in a separate field of activity».

In a corporate (or multiplayer) regime, the game will turn into a military confrontation between rival countries and their interests.

Masters of the World
Masters of the World

Some new features

The third version of the GPS geopolitical simulator introduces new capabilities to users, and they will make the plot more modern and gameplay more comfortable. Thus, those gamers who have fulfilled GPS «throughout» in advance will be able to continue participating in this unique project:

  1. In the new version, users will be able to control multiple states simultaneously, and thereby enhance their geopolitical status and influence.
  2. An extended and detailed map with the more detailed infrastructure of economy, culture and ecology was added to the project. Now users will have more opportunities for international trade and economic development.
  3. A more correct world financial system. Some levers of influence in the format of reputable rating agencies were introduced into the project. The economy has moved closer to reality, with both subjective and not purely objective factors influencing economic events.
  4. The next line is what progressive users will like the most. Legislative innovations reflecting current trends in the development of society were introduced in this project by developers.
  5. Legal euthanasia, LGBT marriage, minority rights, freedom of abortion and drugs. There is even the right of migrants to participate in democratic elections. In some countries known for their social progress, such rights are already legitimised.
  6. And another obvious reflection of real policy is that the third version of GPS Masters of the World introduced into the gameplay the structure of public and independent international organisations, the right to form alliances, both economic and military.
  7. Developed cross-border energy transport infrastructure and expansion of international logistics as elements of geopolitical influence has been introduced into the game too.
  8. Also, the gamer will have to deal with the terrorist threat, as well as environmental, natural and man-made disasters.
  9. Realpolitik features will also please you. So you will see in this game a realistic introduction of the institution of geopolitical advisers, which help the incompetent Master of the World to understand all the political, economic, military and social structural complexities.
  10. But the most pleasant moment is that in the month when the president forces the residents to rebel over his incompetent and brazen administration of the country, the leader of the state will be able to make a speech on television and thus reassure the anxious and frightened citizens. All he has to do is say the words «Everything will be fine for us».

However, he will not specify who these “we” are…

GPS 3 Masters of the World game is sure to appeal to those users who were not interested in politics before but wanted to study it in general terms because of the curious news that the modern world cares about every day.

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