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Sigma Theory: Global Cold War game

In past centuries, occultists or writers have been the prophets of the future, then today, they are video game developers.

Sigma Theory: Global Cold War game is a classic in the Cold War simulation and strategy genre. In this case, it is a unique shade of modernity and distance from current humanity.

The plot takes place in the near future when the controversy reaches its highest point between the superpowers and the secondary countries claiming world leadership or former empires dreaming of revenge.

High technology will determine our future

So, the essence of the Cold War is to achieve a technological advantage over other countries, as opposed to destroying a geopolitical adversary in a physical or mechanical global way.

  • The advantage in technology is the result of the activities of the state. Among these, they help countries to destroy enemy military targets remotely and without loss of manpower, as military casualties cause resentment among the electorate.
  • You can achieve a technological advantage in two ways. It is either a pioneer in innovation or a risk to the industrial development of geopolitical competitors.
  • The economic downturn will not allow the opposing parties to benefit from innovation in a politico-military manner, even if full technological maps and detailed descriptions of inventions can be obtained.

To help you understand the essence of the cold war concept, we can describe it as industrial espionage without limits. including stealing documentation and even poaching talented scientists to the side of a state, but only if you fail to steal or buy them from dishonest traitors to the country.

Sigma Theory: Global Cold War has a similar story.

Sigma Theory: Global Cold War
Sigma Theory: Global Cold War


Each user can feel like the head of a special service of one of the countries. You can choose a resident state at the start of the game, or become one of the heads of special departments that specialise in industrial espionage and high-tech theft abroad.

  • To make it more interesting for you to get started on this great project, we want to describe to you the Intelligence Service. These are agencies that confirm the fact that gun chases are not the most important part of espionage, and they’re not even dressing up and wearing wigs or artificial moustaches, black glasses or a raincoat, but analysing the simultaneous processing of restricted documents, as well as working with any relevant information in the public domain.
  • Once you have selected a country, you will be able to examine the files of some active agents and assess their prospects for increasing individual assignments in specific countries of the world.
  • Next, every spy can participate in a dangerous operation. To do this, he must pass a quest in the format of a test to know the unique features of each agent. Among them are their individual features and specific combat options.

Thus, you don’t even have to pick an agent for a mission. if he knows the language of the target country well, but he’s already been there before because that means the local security services have put out a BOLO.

Nor should you send a scout into the country who knows little of local customs. It carries with it certain risks and will make other people pay too much attention to you.

Reconnaissance is a process you can’t imagine without silence.

Weaknesses and strengths

As far as the question of sympathy is concerned, it is always a strictly private matter, however, many reviews of this game are often repeated.

Gamers have written about a Cold War simulator called Sigma Theory: Global Cold War. For example, some believe that it provides infinite opportunities for strategic development, but others believe that the protagonist’s cunning designs are constantly undermined by random and unpredictable events. The point is that accidental hitting of the gameplay makes it hard for the user to feel like a full-fledged organiser of covert operations.

The randomness factor may be also very important in real intelligence. It’s just that enemy agents are always on alert and regularly inventing very, very cunning tricks.

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